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Campervan Awnings, Van Awning, Camper Awning, Campervan Drive Away Awning, Van Awning Tent, Campervan Awning Tent

Campervan Awnings, Van Awning, Camper Awning, Campervan Drive Away Awning, Van Awning Tent, Campervan Awning Tent

Campervan awnings for sale: VW awning, VW camper awning, VW drive away awning, VW Caddy awning, VW T5 awning, VW T6 awning, VW California awning, VW Multivan awning as well as campervan awnings for Bulli, Transit, Vito, Viano and more

Camper awning, campervan awning tent, van awning, van awning tent - find the ideal campervan awning for your van, camper or minicamper right here.
Reimo's Camping Shop offers:

  • Tent Technology campervan awnings
  • Outdoor Revolution van awning
  • Westfield camper awning
  • Outwell campervan awnings
Many different campervan awnings such as the campervan drive away awning are available for you from stock. Whether you want a camper awning with a sleeping cabin, with a quick set-up, or an air awning, the Reimo camping shop offers a huge selection of campervan awnings to buy. With a van awning you create an additional feel-good space on your camper. When you leave your campsite for sightseeing or shopping, just leave your campervan awning tent or van awning tent free-standing. Therefore a campervan awning tent or van awning tent is often called campervan drive away awning. Traveling and sleeping with 4 people and more is no longer a problem with a van or camper and the right camper awning or van awning.

Read more about the campervan awnings e.g. the campervan awning tent or van awning tent on the bottom of this page!

Campervan awnings - different versions for many vehicles

Campervan awnings are suitable for many different vehicle models. Important is the connection of the campervan awnings. Because it is only fun if the campervan awnings are tight, but also removably attached to the VW van or another van. A campervan drive away awning offers a bit more freedom in your mobile life.

Van awning, camper awning - we offer many different brands/manufacturers

Since there are so many options and different opinions when it comes to buying a van awning or camper awning we have various well-known manufacturers in our range for you.
We present the following manufacturers/brands for your van awning:

  • Outdoor Revolution, an English manufacturer that produces weatherproof van awnings for the special "island climate".
  • Westfield, with air awnings and good camper awnings
  • Outwell, with the camper awning Touring Canopy
  • Reimo Tent Technology, our Reimo brand with a wide range of the van awning, camper awning
The van awning from Outdoor Revolution such as the Movelite 4 Low is designed as camper awning for the VW T6 and VW T5 campervan. With an optimal gutter height of around 1.80 m - 2.10 m, you can also use the van awning for many other campervans and minicampers. Outdoor Revolution is a manufacturer from Great Britain and offers campervan awnings that are ideal for the traditional "island weather". You can also see the van awning from Outdoor Revolution on YouTube. Outdoor Revolution has made videos of many van awnings.
The camper awning from Westfield , such as the Hydra - inflatable camper awning has lots of fans. This camper awning impresses with its very flexible vehicle connection. The Hydra camper awning, for example, can be used for campers with a gutter height of 1.90 m to 2.45 m. This means that the camper awning or van awning not only fits the VW van family, but also many other tall vans such as Ducato, Sprinter and Crafter.
The freestanding camper awning from Outwell , such as the Scenic Road 250 , has a completely removable back and offers you the option of attaching sleeping cabins for up to 4 people.

Campervan awnings from Reimo Tent Technology , such as the inflatable camper awning Tour Action Air , or the many other Tent Technology developments have been successfully been on the market for many years and are subject to constant improvements.
The best-selling camper awning or van awning by Tent Technology has been the Tour Action awning for around 20 years. You can buy the Tour Action camper awning (item no.: 900014) in several versions.
Your Tent Technology van awning is developed here at Reimo and then made in the Far East. As a "campervan expert" we can offer you well thought-through and high-quality campervan awnings for an attractive price. The campervan awnings for VW from Tent Technology (formerly Camp4) have been designed for the T4, T5 or now the T6 for about 20 years. The guideline for the camper awning is the height of the rain gutter. Since this height is approximately the same for many panel vans and VW vans, the van awning offered for the VW vans also fits for Mercedes Viano, Ford Transit and Renault Trafic. If you like to travel from one campsite to another you need equipment that can be quickly assembled and disassembled. This applies, for example, to the air awning . Because this inflatable awning is quickly connected to the rain gutter of your panel van, so you have a fully fledged van awning for your campervan in no time.

Campervan awnings for sale, e.g. the VW Caddy awning

We included the VW Caddy awning as well as the small van awnings for Fiat Doblo, Renault Kangoo, Opel Combo and other minicampers into the Reimo Camping Shop from early on. For minicampers, it is important to create extra living space with a van awning. For example, the Tour Compact van awning (item no.:93701) is ideal as VW Caddy awning and other vehicles with a vehicle height of up to 1.90 m. The camper awning such as the VW Caddy awning combined with the matching inner tent creates a cozy bedroom for 2 people. The 1.90 m height of the van awning also fits many other vans!
Please check the fit of your camper awning yourself with a sample structure. If the rain gutter is too low, you can simply stretch the vehicle lock of the van awning a little further. For example, the camper awning can easily be stretched over the vehicle roof and attached to the driver's side.

VW awning, VW camper awning, VW T5 awning, VW T6 awning

The VW awning for T3, T4, T5, T6, Transit, Trafic and others - the bestseller for you: The Tour Action 6 (item no.:900781), the well-known campervan drive away awning from Tent Technology.
During the last years, the Tour Action camper awning has been continuously improved. It immediately impresses with its the sewn-in floor and the rain protection canopy above the side entrance. Thanks to the two horizontal stiffeners, the VW camper awning can also be used as a free-standing model. This means that if you drive your VW camper away, the Tour Action VW T5 awning, VW T6 awning or other VW awning simply stays in place.

Expert tip: At very hot temperatures and when your VW van awning is placed directly in the sun (summer Greece, Turkey, Spain ...), we recommend a sun canopy at a distance of about 10 cm as an additional shade to stretch over the VW camper awning. This makes the living environment in the camper awning significantly more pleasant.

Campervan awnings: Tour Family Air and others - the quick-set-up campervan awnings with air hoses instead of rods

The inflatable campervan awning Tour Family Air (item no.:936372) is inflated and ready for use in no time. You only need a few strokes with the included air pump to set up these campervan awnings or you simply connect a suitable electric pump. The campervan awnings frame is inflated to 7 psi pressure. The inflatable campervan awnings quickly stand stable and reliable - and without poles! Air Awnings have become increasingly popular in recent years! With campervan awnings with air hoses you can built an optional sleeping cabin or a dry extra space for chair and table on your camper in no time.

Campervan drive away awning

The campervan drive away awning is available in different designs and sizes. In this way, the campervan drive away awning can be adapted to the size of the campervan and the needs of the camper.
There are campervan drive away awnings for small or large parking spaces, for 2, 4 or 6 people, van awnings for small (VW Caddy), medium (VW Campingbus) or large vans, such as for the Fiat Ducato and those for mounting lengthways or crossways on the vehicle. There is the VW drive away awning as a quick-set-up campervan drive away awning Brindisi (item no.:90689), tunnel tents and many more!

The ideal material for campervan awnings, campervan drive away awnings

Campervan awnings from Tent Technology are made of light and water-repellent materials. These campervan drive away awnings are resistant to wind and storm. There are campervan drive away awnings that are suitable for long-term camping during the winter in Spain. In our experience, a tear-resistant polyester ripstop or Oxford polyester is the best material for a campervan drive away awning when used in summer. Of course, the water column of the van awning is important, but the processing and tightness of the vehicle lock of your van awning is just as important.

Rain gutter height (mounting height) of the van awning tent, campervan awning tent

A van awning tent or campervan awning tent needs to be adapted to the height of the van oder camper for the right connection. The height of the van awning tent is based on the bracket (e.g. rain gutter) into which the van awning tent is integrated. For the standard VW camper, a mounting height of 1.90 m is sufficient for the campervan awning tent. The depth of the campervan awning tent can have different dimensions. Large van awning tents offer plenty of space and considerably expand the often small interior of the camper.

VW awning, VW California awning, VW Multivan awning, VW drive away awning

Busvorzelt, Buszelt, Vorzelt für VW T4, T5, T6 -hier das Bus Zelt Tour Action The VW Multivan usually offers 7 seats, but only 2 sleeping options. Reimo produces the VW Multivan awning for T5, T6, T4 Tour Family Air (item no.:936372). This VW awning stands alongside the VW Multivan, VW Caravelle, or VW California. This VW awning offers you a sleeping awning tent for 4 or 5 people. The advantages of a family tent with large sleeping cabins are combined with the advantages of a VW T5 awning, VW T6 awning. The vehicle lock on the VW awning is adapted to the vehicle contour of the VW. The anteroom of the van awning in front of the sleeping tents is provided with a floor and offers you enough living space if the weather is not quite perfect. Of course, many other van awning models are also suitable as VW Multivan awning. For the mobile adventurers who like to be out and about, the VW drive away awning Brindisi allows for quick tent set-up. Because with a quick and comfortable VW drive away awning, of course, you have more time to relax. The VW California awning or VW Multivan awning offered here offer extra space and can be easily attached to the gutter.

Campervan awnings for sale: Van awning or camper awning for Fiat Ducatoawning Big Van for Pössl, Adria or Knaus

Fiat Ducato van awnings such as the van awning Tour Van High Air (item no.:9001791) are specially designed for large vans such as Fiat Ducato, Citroen Boxer, Peugeot Jumper, Sprinter and similar. The height of the awning and the vehicle lock of the Fiat Ducato awning are matched to a vehicle height of 2.50 m and the vehicle contour of the tall panel van. As an inflatable van awning, you quickly set up the Tour Van High Air with the air pump and attach it to your vehicle with the lock. So you have a set-up camper awning with a large walk-in "bedroom" and "living room" and a waterproof connection to your panel van in no time.

Van awning Video - Movelite for VW

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