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Self Inflating Camping Mat, Self Inflating Camping Mattress, Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

Self Inflating Camping Mat, Self Inflating Camping Mattress, Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

With our self inflating camping mats, self inflating camping mattress or self inflating sleeping pad you or your guests will be comfortable, whether in the tent, on the beach or in the garden!

To buy self inflating camping mats can be expensive. That is why we offer you many affordable, self-inflatable sleeping pads of our own brand Camp 4 in the Reimo camping shop.
The self inflating camping mats are available in thicknesses from 3 cm to 10 cm.

The smooth surface feels more comfortable to many people than a normal air mattress. The better insulation offers you a more pleasant sleep feeling than the regular camping air beds, even on cooler nights.
If the self inflating camping mattress should be too soft after filling, you may like to re-inflate or pump to reach your desired degree of hardness.
Various special versions, whether the version for the rear seat of a California or Multivan or the double mattress for the camper couple, complete the product portfolio.

With a small pack size, the self inflatable camping mat, self inflating camping mattress or self inflating sleeping pad offers great comfort and heat insulation.

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How do self-inflating camping mats work?

The self inflating camping mat or self inflating camping mattress usually consists of an open foam core, which is glued to a textile cover and has one or more valves. When the self inflating camping mat is unrolled and the valve is opened, air enters. The previously heavily pressed foam expands and fills with air. In order to get a comfortable filling and good sleeping comfort, you have to blow more or less vigorously.
Then you combine the lying comfort of an air mattress with the insulating effect (heat) of a mattress. In general, the thicker and larger the mat, the warmer and more comfortable it is.

Double mats - self inflating camping mattress

For the loading area of estate cars, minivans and tents foldable double mats offer the advantage that there is no cold gap due to single mats slipping.

Quality and materials of our self inflating sleeping pad

The outer shell of the self inflating sleeping pad can be made of different materials. The thickness of the shell is different, the surface is smooth, non-slip or roughened. The foam core has waffle patterns or other cavities to save weight. The different foams should help to save weight and to insulate well.