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Car Roof Tent, Roof Rack Tent, Roof Box Tent, Car Top Tent, Hard Shell Roof Top Tent, Pop Up Car Tent, Pop Up Roof Top Tent

Car Roof Tent, Roof Rack Tent, Roof Box Tent, Car Top Tent, Hard Shell Roof Top Tent, Pop Up Car tent, Pop Up Roof Top Tent

Car roof tent, roof rack tent, roof box tent
- Hard shell roof top tent, pop up car tent, pop up roof top tent or hard top roof top tent for vans, SUVs, off-road vehicles and cars

The car roof tent has been around since the mid-1950s and the hard shell roof top tent is experiencing its renaissance. The TopCamp roof rack tent with hard shell offered here is available in 5 different sizes. With 2 C-rails you can easily mount your roof top tent like a roof box on the roof rails of your car, SUV or panel van and off you go! Therefore a car roof tent is also often called roof box tent.
The pop up car tent, pop up roof top top tent is made of high-quality tent fabric, waterresistant and ensures good ventilation.

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Car roof tent, car top tent, roof rack tent, pop up car tent, pop up roof top tent - for cars, campervans, off-road vehicles (SUV & 4x4)

The car roof tent has been around for more than 75 years. Although the materials and manufacturing processes for the roof rack tent has changed fundamentally in recent years, the basic design is still almost the same. The hard shell roof top tent has proven itself over decades and is therefore nowadays still partly used by the manufacturers. The differences are in the details and are not always apparent at first glance. For example, take a look at the tent material. Many entry-level models are 100% synthetic. Although these materials are quite lightweight, these car roof tents have several shortcomings in breathability and can quickly turn the roof tent for a van into a sauna. In comparison, cotton or polycotton provides a better climate, but is a little heavier. The ventilation of your car top tent and a breathable material is most important. The pop up roof top tent from TopCamp has 2 entrances equipped with mosquito nets. Nothing stands in the way of a proper fresh air supply to your car roof tent.

Car roof tent, roof rack tent, car top tent - the compromise between weight and stability

When it comes to car roof tents, there are suppliers who try to score points by explaining that particularly thick material promises waterproofness in the car roof tent. However, the thickness of the tent fabric has no effect on the waterproofness. Just think of the absolutely dense and extremely thin material that umbrellas are made of. Basically, extremely thick material that is used in a car top tent is just unnecessary weight. Weight on the car roof changes the center of gravity and the driving behavior of your vehicle. Therefore avoid any unnecessary weight! Heavy fabrics tend to be soaked and take longer to dry. Really good tent fabrics, like the poly-cotton blend, should be light, robust and, above all, breathable. The low weight of polyester, combined with the breathability and durability of cotton, robustly backed with ripstop is the ideal tent fabric for your car top tent. The muted colors of the roof rack tents blend in well with nature and are less prone to dirt. At the same time, they are bright enough to prevent the roof rack tent from heating up.

Hard shell roof top tent, hard top roof top tent - water resistance

To protect your hard shell roof top tent long-term, the hard shell must be made of a particularly resistant material. After all, it is exposed to one or the other branch, weather and other harsh conditions. Therefore, the hard top roof top tent, the protective and robust plastic box, is particularly durable. There are two main reasons for the waterproofness of the hardshell roof top tent: First, the way in which the material has been impregnated and the quality of the seams. Especially when impregnating you should avoid tent fabrics that have only been coated. The coating can come off over time and the material must be re-impregnated. A better impregnation is when the tent fabric is completely immersed in the impregnation. Although such a treatment is more time-consuming, it pays off on long-term. Problems with leaky hard top roof top tents that have to be impregnated regularly can therefore be avoided.

Roof box tent with welded seam tape

Tent seams of the roof box tent should not only be sewn twice, but also welded with a seam tape. Another quality feature of the roof box tents: When sewing, the tent material is stung and stretched seams cannot be avoided, especially when under tension. These weak points should be welded and glued with special tape. An alternative to this is a special sewing thread that swells and thereby seals the seams of your roof box tent.

Moistured mattresses in the roof box tent

A regularly occurring problem often arises from the common foam mattresses in the roof box tent. As soon as the mattress comes into contact with the soaked tent skin, the mattress pulls moisture into the interior of the roof box tent like a sponge. You can easily solve the problem with a PVC strip between the tent skin and the mattress. This PVC strip separates the mattress from the roof box tent fabric and thereby avoids the direct exchange of moisture. Simple solution, but very effective.

Pop up car tent, pop up roof top tent - Importantabout indoor climate: all openings with mosquito nets

Large openings in the tent walls ensure a pleasant indoor climate in the pop up car tent. This is especially important during summer months. Windows and doors provide extensive ventilation to cool thepop up roof top tent, and the windows are equipped with extra-thick mosquito nets. The floor panels are particularly important for pop up car tent for VW and other panel vans. Wood-based floor units can reduce costs, but are unfortunately very susceptible to warping, rotting and mold. An aluminum multilayer floor is a little more expensive, but it pays off due to its durability. Aluminum is more resistant and, above all, more lightweight. This is interesting if you think about the focus of your vehicle and the fuel consumption is not irrelevant.
Over 75 years of pop up roof top tents, the comfortable solution for your active adventure vacation! For those who have always found wet tent floors, handling guy ropes, pegs and rock hard floors annoying, a pop up roof top tent is a good alternative. Set up quickly, comfortably, weatherproof and with enough distance to the insects on the floor.

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